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Air Systems proudly distributes & services Illinois-based Thermal Care industrial water chillers & process cooling equipment. Thermal Care is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of high quality chillers, including portable & packaged, central, and outdoor options, and utilizing both air cooled and water cooled systems. A chiller provides consistent temperature and pressure to your industrial process; eliminating temperature and pressure variables simplifies the process development and optimization, ensuring the highest quality product. Instead of a wasteful, single-pass-through system, a chiller recirculates the cooling water, which minimizes the cost and negative environmental impact of water consumption.



Air Systems has curated a range of cooling towers to meet your specific application needs from ISO-certified Illinois-based Thermal Care. A cooling tower removes heat from a process and rejects it to the atmosphere through the process of evaporation. The high-efficiency capabilities of Thermal Care cooling towers make them an ideal system component for applications in Thermal Power, Oil & Gas Refining Plants, and Large Mechanical processing where large amounts of heat will be processed. Thermal Care cooling products are renowned for their long life span, and low maintenance.



Air Systems is a distributor for Thermal Care Cooling Equipment and Güntner ACS coolers and condensers. Güntner's HydroBLU™ Technology allows this line of Adiabatic Coolers to be operated either wet or dry. Both modes provide excellent drycooler or condenser performance with a small footprint and low operating costs. The cooling limit (or theoretically best possible return temperature condensing pressure for the ACS) is tied to the wet bulb temperature of the ambient air at the drycooler/condenser. Our experts will configure the ACS specifically for your application and optimize it for its intended operation in your system. This is the only way of ideally dimensioning the drycoolers or condensers and minimizing the operating costs of the complete system. Benefit from our experience today.

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TTP, formerly Thermal Transfer Products, manufactured out of Wisconsin, is a recognized industry leader in heat exchange equipment. Air Systems supplies TTP's rugged AHP/AHPH line of after coolers. This series operates with air cooled and brazed aluminum technology, and includes nine models with flow capacities from 125-4800 SCFM (3.5-135.9 SCMM) to be used on compressors from 60-700 HP (44.7-522 KW). They are high performance, energy effient, and offer heavy-duty construction including powder coating finish and detachable legs for floor or suspension mounting. Inquire to learn more about TTP's product options and custom design solutions.


One of the leading causes of compressor shutdowns is due to overheating from inadequate compressor room ventilation, particularly with air-cooled compressors. Air Systems' personalized approach to ventilation ensures that your unique system has the components to allow it to operate at maximum efficiency.  Small details add up to industry-leading innovation, like the composition of our shutter mounted exhaust fans, which are housed in high grade, powder-coated steel, and shutters which are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum for easy lift when the fan comes on. Inquire to connect with an Air Systems expert about the ductwork and exhaust fans that will best complement and enhance your compressed air system.

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