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Energy Efficiency


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) retrofitted compressors provide constant plant pressure and maximize energy efficiency in any air system, but installation is typically complex and expensive. Our proprietary VFD packages are specifically designed for air compressors, and include active and passive technologies that reduce the transient voltages and stray capacitive currents that negatively impact motor life. Our VFD packages can be offered with keyed bypass option, can be installed on units without expensive and unreliable “VFD ready” motors, and can be maintained and repaired by our local team.

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IntelliFlow, Ingersoll Rand’s line of electronic flow controllers, creates a buffer between air supply and air demand. This allows for more effective use of air storage and a continuous dynamic response to demand fluctuations to actively stabilize system pressure, thereby eliminating the requirement to turn on extra compressors or to elevate pressures.

The IntelliFlow constantly monitors the demand of air pressure and dynamically adjusts to utilize storage, increase volume flow and stabilize pressure as needed. IntelliFlow prioritizes and protects critical processes or zones in the air system; many systems have pressure critical processes, which can stop working or create waste if the pressure drops below a minimum level. IntelliFlow’s backpressure control ensures the proper pressure prioritization to prevent this problem. In addition, IntelliFlow’s “Combination Control” automatically switches control between forward system control and backpressure priority control based on user defined set points.

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Our engineering team can design, install, and maintain a central control system for any budget or requirement. Options available include simple automated sequencing systems through customizable Allen Bradley PLC based controllers. Our systems are developed with future expansion in mind, and are specifically able to connect to any make, model, vintage, or type of compressed air equipment. Most importantly, all of our systems are designed and supported locally to allow for immediate response, continuous validation, and cost effective and multi-phase implementation.

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We can easily update any existing compressor with modern onboard controller technology to extend their usable life and energy efficiency. Kits are available for any make, model, or type, and provide an intuitive, high-resolution color display powered by parallel processors to deliver the lowest energy consumption and highest reliability for any operating condition. Designed specifically for the IOT age, our controllers include dedicated RS-485 and Modbus TCP ports for quick and easy connection to central controllers, plant DCS systems, or remote monitoring,


The proprietary Integrated Simulation Assessment Technique (ISAT) Assessment software was developed to provide unmatched accuracy in evaluating compressed air systems. Unlike traditional audit methods that use averages to estimate savings, the ISAT program maps the exact system usage and power consumption at high resolution. It then allows our engineers to perform simulation modelling of specific changes being considered. Our most common tests include:

• Baseline System Performance

• System Simulation Modeling

• Equipment Lifecycle Evaluation

• Leak Detection

• Cooling System Evaluation

• Drying System Evaluation

• Ventilation

The ISAT can also provide detailed evaluation of cooling systems, air dryer performance, compressor condition, and ambient ventilation requirements. Ultrasonic leak detection can also be performed and integrated with ISAT reports to further predict actual savings opportunities.

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