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Utility Air Production & Support


UtiliCare is a unique compressed air solution that provides the convenience and peace-of-mind of a
PackageCare program without the capital requirements of purchasing new equipment.

Agreements can be customized with any term length, can include installation costs and ancillary accessories, can be installed permanently or in temporary buildings, with no decommissioning charges or penalties, and the option to purchase the equipment any time throughout the agreement.

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As one of our most popular Package Air Programs, here are just a few of the benefits of UtiliCARE:

Fixed Price

No demand premiums regardless of usage.

Decreasing Price Model

Pricing decreases as equipment ages.

Flexible Terms

Pricing based on minimum commitment length.

Flexible Scope

Can include equipment, installation, and accessories.

No Decommissioning Charges

Can be cancelled anytime after agreement term without any charges or fees.

Purchase Option

Purchase equipment anytime based on depreciation value.

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